Yoga classes with Rebecca Oura.

Monday 10.00 am

Energising yoga easing you out of the weekend and clearing the body with a gentle uplifting class, including strengthening back bends and standing postures, in the beautiful setting of the Yoga Garden

This class is suitable for all

Monday 7.30 pm

Gentle yoga to ease you out of the weekend and back into the week, we start slowly, with pranayama, connecting our body and mind using our breathe and concentration of body awareness to bring ourselves into that meditative space. Then building into some stronger standing postures before bringing it all back down to some deep forward stretching  and inversions to get us ready for bed, perfect for a good nights sleep.

This class is suitable for beginners, physical rehabilitation, and those who like a gentle calm strong stretch.

Wednesday 9.30 am and 11.00 am

This gentle a yoga class, with an emphasis on relaxation and visualisation at the end of the class. We start with a very gentle warm up which builds up to a classic practice of asanas/postures, which leads to our forward bends, inversions and back bends, each week we explore different postures creating that calm space within us to lay down into our shavasana/ relaxation. This a great class fo gently keeping the strength and the stretch. A weekly tonic.

This class is suitable for beginners, physical rehabilitation, and those who like to a gentle calm strong stretch.

Wednesday 7.30 pm

A dynamic system of ashtanga style yoga, a strong warm up moving us into heat building rounds of surya namaskars, transitioning through a vinyasa and flowing one asana into another. This class sometimes focuses on upper body strength. Building the up energy in the physical body to take into stronger inversions, twists, forward and back bends, finding that blissful weightlessness which bring into a beautiful shavasana.

This class is suitable  for those with a practice of yoga or those who have a good level of fitness.

Thursday 9.45 pm

Starting with a short discussion about yoga philosophy and leading us into pranayama/breathe work, a gentle warm up before a strong dynamic practice of ashtanga style yoga, transitioning through vinyasa and trying out some more challenging postures, the beautiful setting of the yoga garden will feel amazing as you finally rest in the yurt listening to the birds and wildlife around you.

Thursday 11.30 am

This is a very gentle Hatha Yoga class suitable for beginners, recovering injuries or those who would like to hold their postures for a longer stretch. We practice a gentle warm up focusing on the spine, hips and shoulders, then move into some classical postures, often using equipment to assist us in alignment. There is a slower pace and we develop our breathing techniques and enjoying simply being in our bodies and feeling good. We finish in savanna usually with a guided meditation, again in the beautiful setting of the yurt listening to natural sounds  around you in a meditation.

Friday 9.00 am

 This is also a very gentle class of Hatha Yoga with meditation, suitable for all levels with an emphasis on being slow and strong. Those with injuries are are welcome as there are plenty of modification and time to do something different. We usually move through a classical sequence postures, with pranayama and a guided visualisation during Savasana ( rest). Usually a gentle  energising class.