Yoga classes with Rebecca Oura.

“Hi Rebecca Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your yoga classes. I love the variety and challenges which you bring in each week.”
Alison Brown
“Rebecca Oura has a well established yoga practice in a Steyning, which I have attended for the last 3 years. My husband, David Boyle also attends her classes. Her practice has made a tremendous difference to our health and wellbeing as I know it has to many people in this community. Rebecca is a highly knowledgeable, experienced and supportive yoga teacher, her classes are over subscribed and due to this I now pay in advance for my lessons to ensure my place is booked.”
Sarah Burns
“I felt so safely and carefully guided by Rebecca’s clear instructions – I knew I was in safe hands her voice guiding my awareness into and around my body, effortlessly led me to place of peace and comfort. The remainder of the class felt as if flowed from this place of inner peace, and was truly deeply healing and restorative.”
Liz Gilvin Mental Health Nurse

Rebecca is an amazing yoga teacher, she creates a friendly atmosphere in her classes which are most enjoyable.

Rebecca is excellent at adapting the yoga postures for all abilities by offering you alternative positions or appropriate props.

It’s thanks to Rebecca that I feel much more confident in my yoga practice which has improved immensely since I first started her classes.

I leave her classes feeling energised and calm.

Margret Garner

Rebecca’s Yoga classes have not just helped me enormously with original back problems but are a good way of keeping mobile and flexible, whilst being enjoyable at the same time. Thanks to Rebecca’s lovely attitude and experience, classes are pleasantly sociable and cater for all levels of fitness.

Frank Jones

I have never been keen on any kind of exercise class until I joined Rebecca’s yoga sessions two years ago. I am retired and realise the importance of keeping fit, strong and agile.

Rebecca’s classes not only achieve the desired results but they are enjoyable and sociable. She is a very warm and caring professional and very knowledgeable about the body and all aspects of yoga. Her sessions are well prepared.

I feel very lucky to be a part of her yoga classes.

Judith Staff

I’ve been going to Rebecca’s weekly yoga classes for 8 years. She gives individual attention to everybody, if you need extra help with any particular move, she’s there to guide you through. After her very friendly classes I always feel invigorated, re-energised and balanced. Thanks Rebecca!

Barbara Heskieth