Yoga classes with Rebecca Oura.

“… I started practising yoga in my 20’s from an old 70’s book of my father’s( a physiotherapist) . I then came across yoga culturally in Almora, North India and the Ashrams of Rishikesh, although my real connection came through regular practice through-out my 30’s in church halls in Camberwell which completely rehabilitated my lower back problems.”

“… Yoga first appealed to me as a non-competitive form of exercise that allows you to nurture your body while challenging your edge as you hold or stretch into postures, toning and building strength.  Yoga is an ancient science that opens up and works all the body’s systems  and is particularly beneficial for stretching into the myofascial trains and  muscles, like a massage from within.  It’s a democratic practice that can be modified to suit all body types, ages and abilities. Over the  years my own practice has moved on from a being a vinyasa flow to being a way of life, meditating and using mindfulness as a life tool.  I teach my classes to share the experience of yoga  through asana, pranayama and pratyahara with the potential that those I teach will have the ability to develop their own practice.”

“…  completing the Yoga Gardens Teacher Training Mentorship with Amrita Pooly the Yoga Garden’s resident Jivamukti teacher, was a perfect training for Vinyasa Flow as it allows me to make gentle adjustments to my students while calling out a class.

Rebecca Oura is a local and long time teacher at the Yoga Garden. She has been teaching regular classes for over ten years and consistently developing her classes through regular teacher training which she shares with her students. Prior to graduating as a teacher she had a regular practic of Iyengar and Ashtanga yoga in South London for over ten years. 

Appreciating all styles of yoga for the benefits they give, Rebecca has taught restorative at the Yoga Garden for many years where she combines the structured restorative postures of Iyengar with the flow of Yin yoga, combining both with a guided meditation or Yoga Nidra. She currently teaches a yoga and meditation class at the Yoga Garden.

Her teaching style is one of Classical Hatha Yoga and the developement of other international yoga and other holistic physical practices, such as Feldenkrais, over the last century. As well as experience of teaching many different people, she has both a good knowledge of anatomy and the history and philosophy of yoga . She has been inspired by many teachers and enjoys mixing up different styles while staying true to the development of Hatha Yoga as a path to meditation.

“ … but most of all I love the way you feel after a yoga class, fitter, stronger, calmer.”