Yoga classes with Rebecca Oura.

Join me at the Yoga Garden to welcome and surrender ourselves, tuning into Autumn and the natural glories it brings, grounding and orientating ourselves, taking the time to go a little deeper into our practice to notice who we are and how far we have come!

Join me for an uplifting practice of yoga and meditation. Taking time to explore moving into postures that calm our spirits and energy, quietening and softening, finding a stillness and contentment in the wonderful yurt surrounded by the sounds of nature . We will start the morning with an uplifting energising yoga practice leading to a meditation, then a delicious healthy nourishing lunch of local seasonal foods.

This is an amazing time to explore the wilderness and beautiful lush colours of Knepp Safari with a peaceful  walk around the wilderness of Knepp in the afternoon.

The afternoon will continue with a deeply restful restorative practice with essensual oils and a deeply peaceful and relaxing Soundbath with the Lois Roberts of Elemental Yoga. Becoming still and reconnecting with earth. Resting in  the wonderful yurt surrounded by nature in all her glory.